Accurate comparisons to Ben Folds Five this side of “Erase Me” aside, the music that Ridenhour continues to put out rides the line between both radio-ready and uncannily individualistic.
— PopMatters, 11/27/2017
There is a certain melodic flair to the man’s music that comes across as very pop-sensible, but without sacrificing any of the darkly, sometimes Burtonesque gloom of his overall musical persona. Even still, there’s a warmth and a kindness, there, too, and it all blends together to develop what is easily one of the more diverse piano-centered rock acts of modern times....
— PopMatters, 8/15/2016
[Ridenhour’s] writing is pop-savvy and smart; his performances are dynamic, with hooky melodies, frenzied riffs and kinetic, danceable energy.
— Mountain XPress, 9/27/2016