Cry About It

Cry About It is my second full length album. The record features the engineering, production, and bass talents of Michael Hynes, and was recorded at Michael's own Nomatic Studios.

 Most of the songs on the album are deeply tied to depression, anxiety, and the monsters in your head. In many ways, music is my way to "cry about it", or find a release for some of these emotions.

The cover art (shown at left) was designed by the amazing fifteen-year-old Texas-based fashion designer Isabella Rose Taylor. The artistic theme is continued with two music videos, "Monsters" (which you can see below) and "Dancing Children," produced by Kira Bursky of All Around Artsy, one of the most talented filmmakers I know. This is the work I am proudest of so far, and I'm so excited to share it with you.

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Dancing Children: The Official Video


Musicians, Cast, and crew

Cast for Monsters video: 

  • Ian Ridenhour
  • Eva Ridenhour, Madison Smith, R. Lyon Bergh, Elizabeth Austin: monsters
  • Evan Friedman and Raven Tenderfoot: asylum doctors
  • Tim Tv: fire breather/Raven Man
  • Smiling Faces: Eva Ridenhour, Carolyn Shull, Madison Smith, Anna Boersma, Zack Irick, Victoria Howle, Joanna Pardo, Nichole Ambrosia-Biggs, Gwyn Ridenhour, Molly Schantz, Lauren Bursky, Jamieson Ridenhour, Martha Brouwer, Ken Shull, Kira Bursky, Wayne Culpepper

Cast and Crew for Dancing Children video:

  • Ian Ridenhour
  • Victoria Howle: lead dancer
  • Ruby Carlson, Pam Hausfather, Eva Pino, Tatiana Thonus, Zia Haines, Adina Schoenberger, Lalani Cuellar, Mari Cuellar, Michael Sheppard, Robert Carlson, Zane Carlson, Vivian Wilson (Idea Factory): dancers
  • Jamie Ridenhour, James Kylen, Michael Hynes, Kira Bursky: band
  • Cynthia King (Idea Factory): choreography
  • Kristin Tidwell: costume designer for Victoria Howle


  • Ian Ridenhour: composer, vocals, keys, drums
  • Jamie Ridenhour: guitar
  • Michael Hynes: bass
  • Ben Hovey: trumpet
  • Sav Buist: violin, vocals
  • Katie Larson: cello

Album Production:

  • Nomatic Studios/Michael Hynes: recording producer/engineer
  • Album Artwork: Isabella Rose Taylor

Video Production for Monsters and Dancing Children:

  • All Around Artsy Productions/Kira Bursky: director
  • Wayne Culpepper: assistant director 
  • Zack Irick: art director
  • Catherine Kubitschek, Molly Schantz, Madison Smith, and R. Lyon Bergh: production assistants
  • Nichole Ambrosia-Biggs: makeup artist
  • Lauren Bursky: catering
  • Kristen Michele Bryant: photographer

Behind the Scenes

We've not only been in the recording studio laying tracks for the album, but also with an amazing cast and crew to produce videos for two of the singles, Monsters and Dancing Children. The first four shots are from studio, recording the CD. The monster-y shots were taken during the video shoot for Monsters. And Dancing Children makes up the last set; this video is all about the green screen. Photo credits: Kristen Bryant, Zackery Irick, Gwyn Ridenhour, and Jamie Ridenhour.